A “Dream Project” on Motorcycyle from India to London

Kumar Shah, the owner of RIDE YOUR DREAMS lives in Vadodara, Gujarat. He is a veteran rider with an experience of riding motorcycles for over 30 years. He has ridden through more than 17 countries on this motorcycle. He is an event manager by passion, having successfully designed and executed many motorsport events over the years. Noteworthy events are Motorcross from 1986-1991, Blind (Braille) Car Rally 1998-2004, The Salt Desert Car Rally 2001, The Tuff-Stuff Car Rally 2003, and The 1st Silk Odyssey 2013 -14, an international motorcycle expedition from Vadodara city in Gujarat, India to London – UK through the Silk Route, seldom traveled..He is one of the initial few Indians to have accomplished such a feat.

All motorcycle tours are designed keeping the rider in mind. Proper guidance shall be given to all participants on all tours offered. These tours are for experience, joy and undoubtedly the greatest way to see the world on two wheels.

Hitesh Raval, a mechanic by profession, has his own establishment since 1999. He looks after all the machines in action for all our tours. He is our versatile mechanical and maintenance expert. He accompanied as the mechanical support on the unique journey the 1st Silk Odyssey 2013-14 from Vadodara to London. A man of few words but a hardcore dependable person.